Africa Power

We seek to solve Africa’s energy and infrastructures deficits, through integrated systems solutions, resource pooling, and cross-border cooperation.

Research and Studies

We conduct multi-faceted studies across different areas of the energy sector

Planning and

We provide planning, structuring, and consulting services for energy sector activities and projects

Investment and

We pull and make investments in the energy sector. We also trade energy resources and components

Projects and

We facilitate, collaborate, and construct small, medium, and large-scale energy projects and infrastructures
About Us

Integrated Africa Powe (IAP) is multi-unit enterprise specialized in energy and infrastructures development on the African continent.

We seek to solve Africa’s energy deficits, through integrated systems solutions, resource pooling, and cross-border cooperation. Our approach is based on our philosophies of tailored suitability, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and energy-development linkages.

What we do

Research & Studies

  • Energy development and transition
  • Renewable energies development
  • Cross-border energy cooperation and trading
  • Energy sustainability and nexuses

Planning and Consulting

  • Resource identification and mapping
  • Project planning, structuring, and financing
  • Environmental and social impact Assessments
  • Project risk assessments
  • Production and process optimization

Investments and Trading

  • Energy investments and shareholdings
  • Energy resource trading
  • Renewable energy technologies trading
  • Electricity trading

Projects and Infra-structures

  • Building, Mini-grid, and Large-scale projects
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Gas and Hybrid system projects
  • On-grid and Off-grid electricity projects
  • Hydrogen and Power-to-X projects
  • Energy resource mining and processing


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