About Us

Integrated Africa Power

Integrated Africa Power (IAP) is multi-unit enterprise specialized in energy and infrastructures development on the African continent. We seek to solve Africa’s energy deficits, through integrated systems solutions, resource pooling, and cross-border cooperation. Our approach is based on our philosophies of tailored suitability, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and energy-development linkages. 

Through our unique philosophy and strategic approach, we aim to become a key player in the African energy sector, foster cross-border energy cooperation and investments, address the huge energy supply gap and existing inefficiencies, and stimulate development and industrialization in the continent. 

Our services are structured in four business units they are; Energy Sector Studies, Planning and Consulting, Investments and Trading, Projects and Infrastructure. We carry out studies in the African energy sector development and cooperation; we plan and consult for energy sector projects; we invest and trade in the sector, and construct projects and infrastructures in partnership with the private and public sector.